Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Winston & Nard Nard Wedding

#Post by Cherry

It's to late for this blog because I save it in draft and forgot to publish.

Last month, I went to Singapore 5 days for wedding party of Windston & Nard Nard and stay with A.E. Lili' house same as last time. She is Mama M's sister and she have 2 sons ; Victor & Winston. Mama's M have 3 sister : AE. Lili, Lingling, Beebee that they are very kind.

On 15 Mar 09, in the morning Winston & the gang pick up Nard Nard at her house and come back to Winston's house for tea celebrate. Then at night at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, it is 6 stars hotel.

Winston & Nard Nard are perfect couple. Nard Nard is so beautiful she look like a princess that make me jealous. After finish the duty, they are go to honeymoon in Europe for 2 weeks. Anyway, I wish they are very happy with new life and I wait for their kid.

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