Tuesday, November 2, 2010

M & Cherry Proposal

Sat 16 October 2010, 14.32 pm
M make propose to Cherry .. and she say "Yes"

[ Video as below in Thai only ]

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Welcome to Gino & Jing Jing's Blog

Blog was the easiest way to public your life, journey and share your experience over the internet. This week we would like to introduce 2 new blog from our youngest "Chiranaipanich" -> Gino and Jing Jing

First, Gino's blog live from Netherlands by P.Dao and H.A

Link - http://gino.chiaranaipanich.com

Second, Jing Jing's blog live from Luk Sri (Bangkok)

Link - http://jingjing.chiaranaipanich.com

Bookmark their blog or you can come and check out on Chiaranaipanich.com and click link on the left hand side.

Stay Tune !!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Winston & Nard Nard Wedding

#Post by Cherry

It's to late for this blog because I save it in draft and forgot to publish.

Last month, I went to Singapore 5 days for wedding party of Windston & Nard Nard and stay with A.E. Lili' house same as last time. She is Mama M's sister and she have 2 sons ; Victor & Winston. Mama's M have 3 sister : AE. Lili, Lingling, Beebee that they are very kind.

On 15 Mar 09, in the morning Winston & the gang pick up Nard Nard at her house and come back to Winston's house for tea celebrate. Then at night at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, it is 6 stars hotel.

Winston & Nard Nard are perfect couple. Nard Nard is so beautiful she look like a princess that make me jealous. After finish the duty, they are go to honeymoon in Europe for 2 weeks. Anyway, I wish they are very happy with new life and I wait for their kid.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome to Chiaranaipanich.com

Welcome to Chiaranaipanich (เจียรนัยพานิชย์) family, check out our stories, photo album, life and journey.

This site update by our own family. Stay Tune !!